Hathaway's Drive-In Theatre:

A Look At How the Theatre Business Works

Hathaway's, like all of the Drive-In theatres in our area, is one of the lucky few of its kind left in this country. We show you a double feature during the season from late April through early September. The film companies lease us their films on a percentage basis. They tell us how long we must exhibit their film and under what terms. They produce and market the films, and therefore make most of the money from their exhibition. What this means is that we don’t make much money selling theatre tickets.

The way we make money, and stay in business, is by selling food at our concession stand. We try to offer you things that you might not otherwise have at home. Besides the popcorn with buttery topping, we offer you nachos, our famous home-made French fries, fresh beef burgers from Henry's Market of Bennington, VT, Hebrew National Kosher hot dogs, a variety of sodas, ice-cream, candy, and more. We are here to serve you, so if you’d like to see it here, please ask us.

For this reason, we hope you will not bring in any food, beverages, or coolers into the theatre.  But if you must, we will require that you purchase a food permit at the ticket booth for $5.00 PER CAR. Please note that the cost to purchase a permit on the field is $10.00 if we determine that you require a permit and did not buy one at the ticket booth.

Please patronize our snack bar. The food selection, quality, and price is very good!

Duane Greenawalt & Family

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