Rules and Policies

  • Re-entry is NOT permitted. A refund of your admission price will be given only if we are not able to exhibit the movies for technical reasons. Refunds are prorated if we show the first movie but are not able to show subsequent movie(s). No refunds will be given if you decide to leave the theatre grounds before the movie begins or at any time during the exhibition, for whatever reason. If you leave the theatre grounds and then decide to re-enter you will be charged another admission ticket. This applies to vehicles and individuals on foot. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Outside food, beverages, and/or coolers are NOT allowed into the theatre.  But if you must, we will require that you purchase a food permit at the ticket booth for $5.00 PER CAR. Please note that the cost to purchase a permit on the field is $10.00 if we determine that you require a permit and did not buy one at the ticket booth.
  • There is space for 2 cars between each speaker post so please do not park in the middle of two posts. Sit in or in front of your car, not on either side of it. Minivans must tie off their rear door so that it does not exceed the roof line. Cord is available at snack bar and ticket booth. Trucks & SUV's cannot park next to a post that has a top painted red.
  • Do not leave garbage on the field! There are trash bins located throughout the field, please use them.
  • Bare feet are not permitted in the theatre. Broken glass is inevitable; please keep your feet safe! Shoes are required in the field and in the buildings.
  • Please drive at a safe and prudent speed when driving inside the theatre; there are children about.
  • We do allow your friendly (leashed) pet on the lawn at our theatre, however, animals are NOT permitted in the snack bar at any time except for service animals. Please be sure that you pick up after your pet, using the trash bins at the entrance to the snack bar.
  • Please help us to provide an enjoyable night out for all of our patrons. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated – If you are causing a disturbance you will be asked to leave.
  • Have fun! Tell all of your friends.  Come back soon.
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